Technician Auto Assign


    Apart from assigning technicians to requests using Business Rule, selection of category or from the UI, technicians can be automatically assigned to requests on configuring the Technician Auto Assign option. The Technician Auto assign follows the Round Robin or Load Balancing methods, and based on the availability of the technicians, the requests are assigned. So if a technician is unavailable on a specific day, and the due by time of certain requests falls on that day, the technician on leave will not be assigned to those requests.




    For site specific requests, the technicians associated to the sites are auto assigned to the requests. Similar for requests associated to groups, the technicians associated to the groups are assigned to the requests.


    To access Technician Auto Assign Configuration,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configurations wizard page.

    2. Click Technician Auto Assign icon tech-auto-iconunder Users block. The Technician Auto Assign page opens.


    Enabling Technician Auto Assign

    1. Select Enable Technician Auto Assign check box.

    2. Requests are assigned to the technicians either through Round Robin or Load Balancing model.

    Load Balancing: The number of requests that are In progress and assigned to a technician is taken as the load of the technician. So on selecting this model, technicians with the least load are assigned to requests.  

    Round Robin: In this model, technicians are assigned to the request irrespective of the load.

    1. The tech auto assign is executed for newly created requests, edited requests or, to both created and edited requests. Select your option by enabling the radio button.  

    2. On creating a new request, the technician auto assign can be applied to either the Unassigned Requests or to the assigned/unassigned Requests.

    Unassigned Requests: On selecting this option, the technician auto assign is applied to requests that are unassigned even after passing through all the Business Rules and Category selections.

    All Requests: When this option is selected, the technicians assigned to the requests through business rules or category selection will be overridden.



    While editing a request, technician auto assign is applied to requests that remain unassigned even after the application of Business Rules and Category selection. The auto assign is not applied to requests that are assigned to technicians.


    Excluding Technicians from auto assign

    You can exclude certain technicians from being auto assigned say, the administrator, site admin, change manager.

    1. Click Exclude the following Technician check box.

    2. Click Add Technicians to exclude link. The list of technicians available in the application appears.

    3. Select the technicians to be excluded by clicking on their Name link. These technicians get listed under Selected Technicians. Click OK button.

      You can delete individual technicians from the Selected Technicians list using the delete icon. Click Delete All link to delete all the technicians from the Selected Technician list.


    Excluding Requests from auto assign

    You can also exclude certain requests from being auto assigned to technicians. Say for example, requests with the priority as "High" should not be auto assigned to technicians.

    1. Select Enable Exceptions check box.

    2. Choose the Column from the drop down and its corresponding Value using the icon exclude-edit-icon.

    3. Choose to match all the exceptions (AND) or any of the exceptions (OR) from the drop down.

    4. Save the details.



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