Time Sheet Settings   

    ServiceDesk Plus MSP enables you to customize the procedure for submission and approval of time sheets. Configure the characteristics of a time sheet, such as time interval and starting day of the time sheet.

    Role Required: SDAdmin

     To configure Time Sheet settings,

    • Go to Admin >> MSP Details >> Time Sheet Settings.

    • Enable the Time Sheets checkbox so that the technicians can view the Time Sheets tab.

    • Select the default Time Sheet Period from the drop-down. Technicians can create Time Sheets for this time scale only.

    • Select Start Day for the week.

    • Enter Log Hours per Week and Log Hours per Day for a technician. 

    • Allow multi-day work log addition: Enable this checkbox to allow work log addition across multiple days. When generating the time sheet, these worklogs will fall under the start day's time card. 

    For example, consider a work log added from 9 pm on day 1 to 3 am on day 2. When the time sheet is generated, this work log will be displayed in the time card of day 1.

    • Allow technicians to add or update work logs after time sheet has been submitted or approvedWhen this option is disabled, you cannot do the following actions after the submission/approval of a time sheet:

      1. Add a new work log within the interval specified in the time sheet

      2. Update work log fields such as OwnerStart/End timeTime Taken To ResolveIs Billable?.

    • Enter the list of technicians to be excluded from logging Time SheetsSpecify the technicians who must be excluded from logging and maintaining time sheets.

    • Click Save to apply the changes.

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