Worklog Additional Fields

    You can configure the default work log record with additional fields to capture more information. You can configure various types of additional fields as described below.



    Field Type


    Single line

    To capture single line information

    Pick list

    To capture information from a dropdown list

    Multi line

    To capture multi-line information


    To capture numeric information


    To capture time/date related information.


    To capture numeric information in decimal format.


    To configure additional fields:

    1. Go to Admin  > Helpdesk Customizer > Worklog-Additional Fields.
    2. Click Add Field and select the required field type using the tabbed interface.
    3. Provide details such as label name, description, default value, and value length as applicable.
    4. Finally, click Save.

    Sample configuration:



    A dynamic preview is displayed on the right side.
    Default values can be set only for single line and multi-line fields.
    Value length can be set only for single line and numeric fields
    The single-line field can be restricted to capture only numbers by selecting Allow only numbers checkbox.

    View, edit, or delete additional fields

    You can view work log additional fields and perform various actions under Admin  >Helpdesk Customizer > Worklog-Additional Fields.

    • To edit a field, click the edit icon. Make necessary changes and click Save.

    • To delete a field, click the delete icon against the field.


    In work log forms, the additional fields will appear under Additional Fields section.

    Sample work log with additional fields:


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