Change Closure Code


    Change Closure Code are codes that denote the reason for closing a change request: whether the change was closed due to completion, rejection, and so on. Using the closure code, the change mangement can understand how the change was closed.

    To access the Change Closure Code configuration wizard,

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP application using the user name and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Problem/Change Management block, click the Change Types icon . This opens the Change Code list view page.


    Adding Closure Code 
    To add closure code,  

    1. Click Add Closure Code button.

    2. Specify a unique Name for the change closure code. This field is mandatory.

    3. Provide a brief Description about the change closure code.

    4. Click Save button. The change closure code is saved and listed in the list view.
    5. Save the details.

    Note: The configured change closure codes and a section for comments appear in the Close Stage of a change request. Here, the Change Owner can select the closure code and provide detailed explanation for closing the change.












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