Change Closure Rule

    Change Closure Rule enables the administrator to select mandatory fields to be filled-in before closing each stage of the Change Request.

    The fields are organized stagewise and the selected mandatory fields in any stage should be filled-in before moving out from one stage to the next stage.

    For e.g, if Impact and Urgency options are enabled, then impact and urgency fields should be configured before moving out from Submission stage to any other stage. If the fields are not configured,  a warning message will pop up prompting you to fill the mandatory fields specific to the Submission stage.  

    To select mandatory fields,

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Application.
    2. Click on the Admin tab.
    3. Select Change Closure Rules under the Problem/Change Management block.
    4. Select the mandatory fields for closing a given Stage of Change Request by enabling the check box. eg, Category and sub category in the submission stage.

    5. Click Save button. 


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