Change Roles



    Chang Roles are access permissions defined exclusively for the change module. Unlike the module-level System Roles, the Change Roles are defined based on the stages in the change lifecycle. While the System Roles are pre-assigned to users with login permission, the Change Roles are dynamic, and can be assigned to both login and non login users at the time of creating or editing a change request The Change Roles assigned to users differ for each and every change request. A Change Role when assigned to a user allows the user to perform tasks defined in the role for that change request alone

    For instance, in one change, a user can play the role of a Change Manager with privilege to control the change across all the stages. At the same time, the user can also play the role of a Reviewer, in another change, with permission to control the Review Stage alone.

    Users assigned with full control permission over the change module via System Role can access change requests whether or not they are assigned with a change role.  But these users do not have the privilege to approve changes, unless they are assigned with a Change Role having Approval permission.

    For instance, a technician possessing the role of SDChange Manager can edit all the change requests across the change module whether he/she is assigned with a change role or not. If the same technician is assigned as the Change Manager for a change request, then apart from edit permissions, he/she has the privilege to approve/reject the change request.

    When a Change Role is assigned to a user without any login permission, an e-mail notification with Non Login URL is sent to the user, allowing him/her to perform tasks based on the permission defined in the role.


    Note: The Login users assigned with a Change Role should possess System Role with View permission enabled for Change module.


    The default change roles and their descriptions are explained in the tabular column below


    Roles Description
    Change Advisory Board (CAB) The dynamic group of people who assist the Change Manager in assessing, prioritizing and scheduling of changes. They have the authority to recommend a change.
    Change Approver The person who has the authority to approve/reject the change in approval stage.
    Change Manager The person who has full authority over the change and has the privilege to approve/reject a change.
    Change Requester The person who initiates the change.
    Implementer The person or group responsible for implementing the planned change.
    Line Manager The person who authorizes the initial level of acceptance of a new change request.
    Reviewer The person who authorizes the initial level of acceptance of a new change request.

    Use this role to share a change with all technicians by selecting the $AllTechnician variable. You can also share the change with specific technicians.($ALLTechnician is available only for this role.)Note that the change requests shared with all technicians will not appear under My Changes such as My Open Changes, My Approved Changes,  etc. in the list view.


    All change roles come with some default permissions, which are editable in all cases except in the Change Manager role.


    • Change Roles such as CAB, Change Manager, Change Owner and Change Requester cannot be deleted.

    • Change Manager and Change Approver are the only two roles having permission to approve/reject change requests in Approval Stage.

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