Change Stage-Status


    The lifecycle of a change request usually involves six stages, and these six stages may possess many status(es). At the beginning/completion of each status, a notification is sent out to users playing certain change roles alerting them on the progress of the change request.

    The Stage - Status Configuration Wizard lets you define status(es) under each stage. And, also allows you to modify and delete the existing status(es).


    To access the Change Stage-Status configuration wizard,

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP application using the user name and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Problem/Change Management block, click the Change Stage-Status icon .


    Adding Change Status (for a Change Stage)

    1. Click Add button available below the corrosponding change stage

    2. Specify name for the status

    3. Provide a brief description about the status

    4. Specify Action Name for this status The Action Name is an abbreviated form of the Status Name. For instance, "Submitted for Authorization" can be expressed as "Awaiting Authorization" and so on.The Action Name gets listed in Status Actions drop down menu in the change details page.

    5. Using "Notify to" option, choose the change technicians who will receive alerts via e-mail notifications whenever a change enters this status, by clicking on choose roles (technicians) choose_roles icon

    6. Next, you have to configure the notification template, by adding text (or) using already existing content variables

    7. Click Save button 

    8. Saved status will be added to the existing status list


    Editing Change Status

    To edit change status,

    1. In the Change Status list page, click the on-hover edit iconEdit Iconbeside the change status that you wish to edit.

    2. Edit the details as per your requirements

    3. Click Update to update the changes.

    You cannot configure roles to be notified by editing a status under Stage and Status.
    You can, however, edit the same in the change workflow.


    Delete Change Status

    1. In Change Status list page, click the on-hover delete iconEdit Iconappearing beside the change status you wish to delete.

    2. Click Delete button. A confirmation dialog appears.

    3. Click OK to proceed with the deletion. The change type gets deleted from the available list.


    • Status(es) responsible for moving change from existing stage to a succeeding stage (default status(es)) cannot be deleted, but can be renamed as per your requirement

    • Added Status cannot be deleted while a change is in the process of using the added status


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