Change Status



    Change Status shows the current state of the change in the organization. You have a list of default change status. Rejected is a pre-defined change status hence cannot be deleted.




    To Add New Status, 

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the user name and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Problem/Change Management block, click the Change Status iconRequester - Additional Field Icon. This opens the Status List page.

    4. Click on the New Status link on the right hand side of the page. This opens the Add Status page.  

    5. Specify the Name of the status in the given text field.

    6. Specify the Description about the status in the given text field.

    7. Save the changes. You can see the new status getting listed in the status list page.

    8. Click the Save and add new button to save the Change Status and add another Change Status.   























































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