Robo Technician

    Using Robo Technician you can reset the user password quickly & easily. This involves two steps process to reset the user password such as, 1) configure robo task 2) creating a request template.


    To open the robo technician page,

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the user name and password of a ServiceDesk Plus - MSP administrator.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Users block, click the Robo Technician icon robo-technician. On purchasing the license for the robo technician the Robo Task Configuration page is displayed.

    Configuring Robo Task

    1. Click Enable robo task option to perform the robo task operations by clicking the enable icon. By default the status of the robo task would be disabled.

    2. There are three blocks available in the configuring robo task page such as, Task Options, Action On Success & Action On Failure. In the Task Options block select Password Reset Type from the combo box.  You have four passwords reset types such as,

    Random Password: In this case the robo technician assigns a random password to the user.

    Typed Password: In this type the logged in technician will enter the password in the given text field.

    Same as the User Name: The robo technician will assign the same user name as password.

    Blank Password: In this type the password assigned will be a blank password.

    1. If you wish, you can select User must change password on next login check box. Generally this option should be enabled for security purpose.

    2. On resetting the password successfully you can configure the corresponding actions to be performed in the Action On Success block. Select the Request Status you wish from the combo box.

    3. Specify the Resolution Details in the text field.

    4. If the password-reset action is failed then you can configure the corresponding actions to be performed in the Action On Failure block. To assign the event to the currently logged in user select Assign to Invoker check box.

    5. Or you can assign it to the Group under which the problem is associated.

    6. And also you can assign the problem to the corresponding Technician.

    7. Specify the notes about the issue in the Notes text field.

    8. Click Save button to save the details.

    9. Click Save and go to Template button to go to the Request Template page.  

    Creating a Request Template


    On installing Robo Technician it automatically creates a default Request Template for a particular Robo Task. You can also edit this request template based on your needs.

    Example: Say if a user requests technician for password reset, and if the technician has already configured robo task, then he can create a request to reset password using this default template.




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