Activating Service Monitoring Service for ServiceDesk Plus


    ServiceDesk Plus lets users monitor its server performance by activating a cloud-based self-monitoring service right from the application. Site 24 * 7, the cloud based monitoring service, when activated monitors ServiceDesk Plus server to ensure it is being used effectively and thereby boosts productivity.

    Site 24*7 is an agent based monitoring solution which uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) protocol for scanning purposes. Do the following to proceed with the agent installation.


    Activating Site 24 * 7 for monitoring ServiceDesk Plus server

    1. Provide your Email ID to proceed with the Agent Installation

    2. Type in the verification text provided

    3. Click Proceed

    Navigating to Configure Self-Monitoring Service for ServiceDesk Plus: Click Admin --> General --> Self monitoring service for SDP

    Once activated, Site 24*7 will begin monitoring the ServiceDesk Plus server and provides you with critical information like server uptime/downtime, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage etc., which is essential to keep your server up and running.

    To know more about Site 24 * 7 and to configure additional alerts that will help monitor ServiceDesk Plus effectively, please visit:

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