Global View


    Global view is available depending on the login authorization permissions provided to the various technicians. If you have permissions for the same, you will be able to see the Global View tab just beside the home page My View as soon as you login to the application.


    The global view displays the following information:

    1. You can view the status of requests by Technician, Category, level, Priority & Mode in table format. This denotes the number of requests in various status for each of the above mentioned fields.

    2. A graph on request inbound for a specific time period. You can select the time period from the combo box.

    3. Contract Summary that provides the number of contracts have already expired, are about to expire in the next 7 days, and are about to expire in 30 days.

    4. Purchase Order Summary report that provides details on the number of Purchase Orders that are already overdue on delivery schedule, number of POs that will cross the delivery schedule in the next 7 days, and next 30 days.

    The above information provides the administrator an idea on what are the entities that require immediate action to be taken so as to avoid any SLA violations (requests) or contract expiry. It also helps the administrator to contact the vendor to get an update on the status of the purchase order and hence avoid delays in the delivery of the items.




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