Mobile Device Manager Integration

    You can integrate Mobile Device Manager Plus and exercise control over the mobile devices of users, either corporate owned or personal devices (BYOD). This integration helps you recover lost mobile devices while securing their data and also enables automatic updates from Mobile Device Manager Plus to ServiceDesk Plus.


    1. Secure lost devices by performing actions such as tracking device, activating an alarm, remotely locking device, clearing passcode, wiping data, and prompt a contact number.

    2. Access complete Mobile Device Manager Plus functionalities to monitor, manage, and safeguard mobile devices and their data, easily and more effectively, by using the IFrame inside ServiceDesk Plus.

    3. With the integration enabled, any mobile device added to Mobile Device Manager Plus will be automatically added to ServiceDesk Plus. This allows technicians to view assets from a single location.

    Mobile device allocation to users will be copied in ServiceDesk Plus as and when you update them in Mobile Device Manager Plus, provided the users are imported from Active Directory in both applications. 


    1. Make sure that the two applications run on the same network and they are of the following versions: 

      • ServiceDesk Plus 9418 or higher version

      • Mobile Device Manager Plus 92370 or higher version 

    1. You must configure and initiate the integration in Mobile Device Manager Plus as explained here.

    2. You must generate the API key in ServiceDesk Plus or Mobile Device Manager Plus as explained below.


    API Key Generation   

    The API key connects ServiceDesk Plus and Mobile Device Manager Plus application servers. You can generate the API key from either application.

    In ServiceDesk Plus, the API key is technician's login-specific.

    Steps to Generate the API Key: 

    1. Click the profile button and select API Key Generation.

    2. Choose the key expiry period and click Generate.

    3. The API key will be generated; enter the key in the respective field of the Mobile Device Manager Plus integration page. 

     Click here to learn how to generate the API key in Mobile Device Manager Plus.  

    Configure Mobile Device Manager Plus Integration    

    To configure the integration, you must possess the SDAdmin role enabled with admin/guest access to Desktop Central and Mobile Device Manager Plus functionalities under Admin >> Users >> Technicians. (The admin role provides complete access to the Mobile Device Manager Plus menu, while the guest role provides only read permission.)

     Note: You cannot enable access to Desktop Central and Mobile Device Manager Plus for yourself, only a fellow administrator can do that for you.  

    1. Go to Admin >> Integrations >> Mobile Device Manager Plus. The Mobile Device Manager Plus menu will be enabled by default.

    2. If you've already integrated Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus, the same configuration will be copied for this integration. Otherwise, manually fill out the details of the server installed with Mobile Device Manager Plus application such as name and port.

    3. Select a protocol and enter the API key.

    4. Click Test Connection and Save to test the connectivity between the two application servers. Otherwise, simply save the configuration.  


     Configure Actions  

    1. Under Actions section, click the edit icon against your preferred action.

    2. Enter name and description for the action on the displayed page. This name will be displayed for the action inside the request details page.

    3. Select specific or all roles, associate the required templates, and click Update.

    4. The action will be available only for requests raised on the selected templates and for the configured roles.    


     Actions Supported    



    Assign Device

    Assign users to managed devices

    Assign Groups

    Add devices to groups for simplified management

    Associate Profiles

    Configure devices by associating profiles remotely.

    Deprovision Devices

    Wipe and remove management from devices.

    Distribute Apps

    Install apps by distributing apps remotely.

    Locate Device

    Identify device location remotely using Geo-tracking.

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