QuickBooks online Integration    

    • What  are the data that will be synced between Quickbook online  and MSP SDP ?

               Accounts - One way sync (Quickbooks online to MSP- add / update)
               Worklog type - One way sync (Quickbooks online to MSP   - add / update)
               Worklog (Requests,Problems,Changes,Projects,Tasks) - One way sync (MSP SDP to Quickbooks online )

              Once a Worklog is pushed to Quickbooks online and any changes done later in the Worklog will not be pushed to Quickbooks online again.

    • How to generate Consumer Key & Consumer Secret ?

      • Sign into QuickBooks online Apps Page.
      • Create a New app.
      • Enable accounting api.
      • Refer here on how to access your production consumer key and secret (Provide an appname, choose atleast one country. Only EULA URL & Privacy Policy URL are mandatory).
      • Copy & paste the consumer key and secret under configure authtoken field.
      • Click "connect to QuickBooks" and choose the company/organization name that needs to be integrated

    • Will you send only the closed requests worklogs to QuickBooks Online?

                No, all worklogs will be sent to QuickBooks Online.

    • Will the application consider operational hrs , non-operational cost or should we just send the total cost if the holidays are unchecked ?

                We will push only the timespent details and not the cost portion to QuickBooks Online.

    • Will you send the Non-Billable worklog ?

                No restrictions now. All worklogs will be pushed to QuickBooks Online.

    • Will you send the worklog additional cost ?

                No We will not push additional cost to QuickBooks Online.

    • Will you consider Account  additional fields?

                Yes,Account additional field added under MSP will be listed under Fields Mapping- Configure Fields for Integration.Mapping can be done with the field listed under     Quickbooks online.

    • How to disable the integration ?

                Click on the Enabled button again in the integration page for the same. You need to disable the integration for every modules (Account , Worklog Type, Worklog) separately.

    • What happens if ZOHO CRM / Books / Invoice and QuickBooks Online integrations are enabled ? What happens if both has same Account Names and push the same to MSP SDP ?

                If CRM/Books sync is at 10:00 A.M and QuickBooks Online Schedule is at 11:00 A.M, now the 11:00 A.M data will overwrite the existing details.

    • How to sync with a new QuickBooks Online  Account again ?

                Existing data cant be removed from the MSP SDP database. However you can start this integration from a new ZOHO account by just deleting a folder in your installation and replace it with a new one or you can execute a following command to delete the date <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP_Home>\ server ->reinitializeInteg QUICKBOOKS ONLINE"

                Shut down and Start the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Service without fail once.

    • What is the recommended time period for sync to happen?

      Please schedule the sync during your Business non-operational hours.


    • In what basis the invoices will be created?

               Using the Worklog details (per account basis) an Invoice will be created.

    • What is worklog type Sync?

      In this process,Worklog type created in QB will get imported to MSP

    • What is worklog type Sync status?

      It shows the list of worklog type created in MSP but  not available in QB.

    • Will you send only the Requests worklogs to QuickBooks Online?

      No,you can select the modules from which the worklog need to be exported which can be configured in worklog sync configuration page.

    • What if the worklog doesnot have any worklog type in MSP?

      You can define the default worklog type in the worklog sync configuration page.The worklogs created without worklog type will get imported under default worklog type.


    • How the sales rate will be calculated in Invoice-QuickBooks Online?

      User can select any one of two options for calculating sales invoice.
      • One is with quickbooks online unit rate which will be given while creating product/service in Quickbooks.
      • Second is with the total charge given while creating worklog in MSP.


    • Do Worklog type sync needed for syncing worklog?

      It is mandatory to sync the worklog type first,followed by worklog sync.

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