Xero Integration


    ServiceDesk Plus MSP allows you to integrate Xero with it so that you can create / store expense claims and store receipts that are generated in SDP MSP and access it from Xero for better accessibility.


    Prerequisites for Xero integration


    • Go to Xero app creation page.
    • Create SDP MSP as a private application in Xero.
    • Download the Public Key certificate from SDP MSP.

    To get the certificate, go to Admin>> Integrations>> Other Integrations.

    • Select Xero in in the product selection. Help content will appear below. The link to download the Public Key Certificate is given there. Click on it to download.

    • Once you have downloaded the certificate, head to Xero to upload the certificate.
    • After uploading the certificate. You will get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.



    Integrating with Xero


    Once you have got the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, you can integrate the SDPMSP with Xero.


    • Go to Admin>>Integrations>>Other Integrations.
    • Select Xero in the product section.
    • Select a module you want to integrate.

    • Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret that you got from Xero and paste them in Consumer Client Id/Consumer Client Secret fileds respectively under the Config auth token section in the integrations page.
    • Click on Connect to Xero.
    • Once connected, map the SDPMSP fields with the Xero fields.

    • If you have more fields to map, click on +More Fields.
    • Click Save.
    • After mapping the fields, you can configure the schedule for the integration. Use the Mins, Hours, Days to schedule the integration as per requirement.


     Integration Facts


    1. Accounts in SDPMSP will be imported from Customers in Xero (Contacts)
    2. Worklogs in SDP MSP (Requests,Problems,Changes,Projects,Tasks) will be exported as invoices
 in Xero.
    3. Worklog Types SDPMSP will be imported from Inventory Items in Xero.


    Note: Make sure that each worklog type is created as an Inventory Item in Xero. To know more about integration with Xero click here.

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