SDP MSP integration with Zoho CRM FAQs

    1.  What happens for already existing requesters in SDP MSP during sync?

      It will update if any new details for that requester is present. It will follow the below flow and update the details, no data loss will happen. Compare requester's (Contact) email ID in ZB - MSP and do add / update operation.

    2. What happens if an email address is associated to a wrong Account's Requester in MSP SDP ?

      CRM Contact's (requester) data will be created again under the CRM mentioned Account Name in MSP SDP.

    3. What happens if we add a new account in Zoho CRM ?

      It will be added to MSP SDP as per the scheduled Sync.

    4. What happens if we update some details in CRM ?

      It will be pushed in the next sync to MSP SDP.

    5. What happens if we update some details in MSP SDP alone ?

      Account Details and Requester details are 1 way sync (i.e Data will be fetched from Zoho CRM and will be added/updated in SDP MSP).

    6. What happens if we delete the data from MSP alone ? or  What happens if we delete the data from CRM alone ?

      Delete operation is not supported.

    7. What happens if sync is disabled and re-enabled ?

      Sync will start again and old details will be updated, if there are any new differential data, it will be added to MSP SDP.

    8. What will happen, if sync is done initially by  X (ZOHO ID's AuthToken) and then again we sync with Y ZOHO ID's AuthToken ?

      Sync will start again. If an Account A is created using X ID and if we use Y ID and the Account A is created again in CRM, we will map the details with the existing Account Name in MSP SDP and will proceed with the add/update Operation.

    9. What happens if requesters don't have site name in CRM ?

      Requester will be created under the default site of that Account in MSP SDP.

    10. What happens if requesters don't have Account Name in CRM ?

      Those requesters will not be created in MSP SDP.

    11. What happens if sync is failed in middle for some reason ?

      The failed data will be stored in a text file for reference.

    12. Will new departments be created if a requester's department is mentioned in CRM ?

      Application will check for the department name in CRM. If it is in SDP MSP , then it will be placed under that department, if not, it will place the user under the default department (General). (It won't create new departments in MSP SDP).

    13. Will you consider Account and Requester additional fields?

      Yes, we will consider it. Currently, we need to add CRM additional fields in the file manually and it will be reflected in the integration configuration page.

    14. How to disable the integration ?

      Click on the Enabled button again in the integration page for the same. You need to disable the integration for every modules (Account , Requesters) separately.

    15. How many calls will be sent from SDP MSP to CRM ?

      Two calls per sync to get Account and Requesters (Contacts) Details. An API call will provide 200 rows (Accounts + Requesters = 400 rows).

    16. How to generate the Authtoken ?

      Please login to your ZOHO Account.
      Go to to generate the AuthToken.

    17. How to differentiate Accounts and Requesters which are created through ZOHO CRM in MSP SDP ?

      In Account Details page (MSP SDP) description area will show the message "Account Created from ZOHO CRM". For Requesters, VIP icon will be enabled and the VIP image will be shown near the name.

    18. What happens if ZOHO CRM and Books / Invoice integrations are enabled ? What happens if both have the same Account Names and push the same to MSP SDP ?

      If CRM sync is at 10:00 A.M and Books Schedule is at 11:00 A.M, now the 11:00 A.M data will overwrite the existing details.

    19. How to sync with a new Zoho Account again ?

      Existing data cant be removed from the MSP SDP database. However you can start this integration from a new ZOHO account by just deleting a folder in your installation and replace it with a new one. For ZOHO CRM : Delete the folder "ZOHOCRM" present under <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP_Home>\plugin -> ZOHOCRM. Shut down and Start the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Service without fail once.

    20. What is the recommended time period for sync to happen ?

      Please schedule the sync during your non-operational business hours.

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