Mark Technician Online/Offline

    An Administrator or a Technician can mark his/her availability by marking themselves Online/Offline. This helps the Admin and other Technicians to assign a Task/Request to an available Technician. This also helps to configure Back-up Technicians depending on their availabilty. A Technician when Online will be indicated by a green dot, when offline by a grey dot and logged-out by a transparent dot. A Technician who is on leave will be denoted by an asterix on the top right corner of his/her name.

    After logging-in to the application, click on the 'User Profile' section. Slide to mark yourself 'Online' or 'Offline'.

    The Technician Online/Offline indication can be viewed in the Task assigning areas under Request module and in the Home page.

    Following are a few places are where the indication can be seen:

    • Logged-in Technicians tab available in the Scheduler page. You can either list Show All or view only the Online Technicians.



    • Technician Availability Chart / Backup Tech chart available in the Scheduler page.


    • While choosing a Owner for a new task from the Scheduler page. You can either list Show All or view only the Online Technicians.



    • While choosing a Owner for a new task from the Tasks tab within a Request.
    • While selecting a Owner for a Task in the Tasks listed under a Request.

    • While assigning a Technician for a Task from the Task details page. 
    • While choosing a Technician to assign a Task from the Assign option available within the Request.
    • While choosing a Technician to assign a Request from the Request List View.  
    • While selecting Requests in bulk and choosing a Technician from Select Technician.



    • In the Technicians section available under the Admin.

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