Technician / Requester home page customization

    You can now customize the technician's/ requester's home page by adding / organizing widgets, and changing the layout style and background color. Embed your organization’s resource page or intranet page on the home page via the external widget addition option.

    To customize,

    • Head to the Home page.
    • Click on Customize at the top right  .
    • Select Requester Home Page / Technician Home Page.
    • The page turns to edit mode.
    • Click th-2 to add a new widget. Default widgets will be listed.

    • Click on the ones you want to add to the homepage.
    • To add external widgets, choose External widgets while adding a new widget. You can also Embed URLs, HTML files, or other files as an external widget.

External widgets help you to include your organization’s intranet/knowledge base or other information related pages into the home page.

    • Drag and drop the widgets to move them around.
    • Use the settings menu to customize the column count, layout style, and the background color of the homepage.

    • Preview how the changes look like by hitting on the preview button.
    • Save/clear the changes does to the page by clicking on the actions menu Changes can be discarded as well.
    • Save and publish the new configuration by clicking the Publish button

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