Database Configuration


    By default ServiceDesk plus - MSP supports MY SQL database to switch over to SQL database you need to configure SQL server to establish connection and start the server.


    Configuring MS SQL Server

    1. Execute the changeDBServer.bat [  for Linux] file presented under the ServiceDesk Home. This opens the Database Setup Wizard page. Fill in the details of the form to configure sql server.

    Server Type: Select the server type from the combo box. Say MS SQL.

    Host Name: Enter the IP Address/host name in which the database is available. The default host name is 'localhost'.

    Port: Specify the port in the given text field. The default value is 33366.

    Database : By default the database name will be servicedesk in non-editable format.

    User Name: Specify the user name in the given text field. Default user name is root.

    Password: Specify the password in the given text field.

    1. To check the availability of connection press the Test button. A pop up window pops up showing 'Connection Established' message.

    2. Click OK to proceed.

    3. Click Save button to save the SQL server settings.


    Configuring MYSQL Server


    If you are using a remote MySql server and do not want to use the inbuilt server then,

    1. Select Server Type as MySql server. This opens the database wizard page.
    2. Specify the Host Name, Port, User Name & Password.
    3. Click Test button and check the availability of the connection.
    4. Once the Connection is Established, Save the details and start the server.  


    For Non UI users,

    1. Run the changeDBServer.bat under command prompt by passing parameter like given below

      >changeDBServer.bat --console

    2. It will get the DB Server necessary information from the console


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