Deleting Workstations


    When a workstation is being disposed, it has to be removed from the inventory list so that there is no wrong association made.


    To delete a workstation

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP application.

    2. Click the Inventory tab in the header pane. If you are already in the inventory module then you can just click the View Workstations link in the Views block in the left menu. Or from the inventory home, click Show All link in the Workstation dashboard. The list of discovered workstations is displayed.

    3. Select the check box beside the workstation names of the workstation that you want to delete from the inventory.

    4. Click the Delete button available just above the workstation list. A message requesting your confirmation to delete the selected workstations pops up.

    5. Click OK to go ahead or Cancel to drop the deletion.



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