ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP inventory module helps in managing the IT resources/inventory of your organization effectively and thus helps in effective resource allocation and management. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Asset Management tracks and manages your IT assets and their changing configurations and relationships at every stage of the lifecycle.

    Organizations invest considerably in their IT assets that include hardware and software components such as PCs, servers, network devices, accessories, software licenses, system upgrades, and in-house developed software. To safeguard their investment, they need to know how and where the assets are used, how much they cost the company, what value they provide, and how they change over time. Organizations need to make sure that assets are maintained properly and upgraded when necessary so they are getting as much value from them as possible. For this, information on the vendors from which the asset was purchased, the contract details associated with the purchase, the maintenance contracts, maintenance cost incurred, and many other such data also need to be tracked.

    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Inventory module provides you with an effective way to manage your company�s assets. The purpose of this module is to help your organization gain a clear picture of its distributed enterprise and how it is changing. By enabling you to conduct regular audits, ServiceDesk Plus helps you manage your IT assets from a physical perspective, capturing information such as CPU type and speed, amount of RAM, installed software, peripherals, and operating systems. This provides you with information, such as what assets you have, where they are, and how they are configured. To access the inventory module, log in to the ServiceDesk Plus application and click the Inventory tab in the header pane.

    The following work flow figures provide you an idea about how an asset is procured and the various stages it goes through from the procurement to disposal and replacement.

    Work flow for the process from the generation of the purchase request to the procurement of the asset.


    Work flow describing the various stages of an asset from the point of allotment till its disposal or replacement.


    Work flow describing the various stages of an unalloted asset from the point of allotment till its disposal or replacement



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