Technician Space


    Besides various notification alerts (both email and sms) technicians are also provided with Notifications Alerts icon within ServiceDesk Plus application. This icon alarms technicians about only the vital aspects associated with a request and facilitates prompt action on their part thereby increasing the overall productivity of your helpdesk.

    The Notifications Icon notification-bell which is available beside the Quick Actions Menu alerts technicians about the following events:

    • When a request is assigned to them

    • When a task is assigned to them

    • When notes are added to the request assigned to them

    • When a requester replies to a request assigned to them

    • When approval is required for a request for which they have been assigned as approvers

    • When a requester/higher authority approves/rejects the resolution provided by them


    Few points to remember:

    • A red mark with a number over the Notifications Icon unopened_notifications indicates the number of unopened notifications

    • A quick view regarding the notifications and their nature will be presented to the technicians using a popup dropdown that opens up when the Notification Alerts icon is clicked

    • When technicians click the notification(s) they will be led to the appropriate section within ServiceDesk Plus application to which these notification(s) correspond

    • Unopened notifications will appear grey in color whereas viewed/opened notifications will no longer appear grey



    Notification Alerts Icon



    Note: Self-assigned or self-approved technician requests will not be listed/recorded under the technician space.



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