Closing Problem


    If a requester is completely satisfied that his/her problem has been attended and completely solved, then the problem can be closed.


    To close a problem

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Problems tab in the header pane.

    3. Click the Title of the problem in the Problems list page. This opens the problem details page.

    4. Click the Close Problem link under the Tasks block. This closes the problem.

    Note: If the mandatory fields are not entered then an error message is shown asking you to enter the value in the fields.        


    You can reopen a problem from the closed state to open state. To do this, open the closed problem that you wish to reopen by clicking the edit button. Then change the status field from Closed to Open and save the changes. When a problem is opened from the closed state, you can change the Due By time of the problem. Also, the closed date is removed once the request is reopened. When this request is finally closed, the completed date is updated and the time taken to close is recalculated taking the reopened period into account.


    To close more than one problem at a time

    1. In the Problem list page, select the problem from the list by enabling the check boxes available beside the Problem Name.

    2. Now click the Close button.

    To view the closed requests

    1. From the Problem list page, select Closed Problems from the Filter drop-down menu. This lists all the closed problems.

    2. To view the closed problems which were assigned to you, select My Closed Problems.



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