Editing a Problem


    To edit a problem available in the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP Problem module

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Problems tab in the header pane. This opens the problems list view page.

    3. Click the Title of the problem which you want to edit. This opens the Problem details page which list the Tasks that can be performed on the problem.

    4. Click the Edit link on the top of the page to modify the problem details. This opens the Edit Problem page. From this page you can add status of the problem from open to close, and also change the entire template to a new one apart from the regular editing of the problem details.     

    Alternatively, you also have an inline edit option to modify the problem details in the view problem page. Click the edit icon Request Edit Icon on the right side of each block which opens the problem form fields in editable format. After modifying the values, save the changes. This comes in handy when you need to edit the values of the entire block say Problem Details one by one.  


    Modifying the Problem Details


    In the editable problem form you can change the problem details, such as Status of the problem as Closed or Open, Impact details, Urgency and Priority details. You can also modify affected IT Services and Assets Involved in the problem.  


    Modifying Owner Details


    You can modify the owner details and technician details of the problem. You can also edit the Reported Date and Due by Date of the problem. If the problem has been closed, then the Closed date will be displayed beside this due by date.


    Modifying the Problem Category


    You can change the Category, Sub Category and Item of the problem. If the same was not appropriately chosen at the time of submitting then the problem can be selected now from the drop down list.


    Modifying the Problem Description


    You can modify the title and description of the problem to completely capture the actual nature of the task at hand.


    Appending Attachments


    If you wish to attach more files to the problem, click the Attach a File button and attach as many files as you wish and click Done. You can also delete the attachments previously added to the problem by clicking the delete iconDelete Iconavailable beside the attachment.





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