Milestones are critical events which receive special attention within the project management framework. Besides serving as markers that indicate a project’s progress, milestones allow you to group Tasks, establish relationship between Tasks, and organize their order. They ensure the project is moving in the right direction. A completion of a milestone is a major step towards completion of the project.


    To understand Milestones better let us consider an IT Test Environment SetUp Project.

    Superficially speaking, an IT Test Environment Set Up can be split into:

    • Database Configuration

    • Workstation Configuration

    • Test Network Configuration

    These major tasks - that outline the entire project - which in turn will contain several other tasks are known as Milestones.



    • Uninterrupted workflow with no delays.

    • Proper classification of Tasks, their relationships and dependencies.

    • Clear presentation of 'who does what, when, and for how long'.

    • Ensure projects are on schedule.


    Milestones - Stepping Stones to Project's Completion






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