Close Purchase Order 

    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP provides an option to Close PO manually on receiving all the items and the invoice, or after making the payment. To close a Purchase Order,

    • Click the Purchase tab in the header pane to open the purchase list view page.

    • Click the PO Name link of the Purchase Order to close. You can use the Filter drop down to sort and select the PO.

    • From the PO details page, click Actions drop down -> Close PO option. The Close PO dialog pops up.

    • Enable Send Mail Notification check box.

    • By default, the email address of the technician is displayed in the To field.  

    • If required, you can modify the Subject content manually and type in the message text for mail notification in the Description field.

    • Click Send button. The status of the purchase order is changed to Closed.




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