Different currencies used while procuring assets/services from different vendors can be added under the currencies list. ServiceDesk Plus supports all currencies out of which the ones you'll be using can be selected and added.


    Two benefits of configuring a currency list:

    • Currencies added can be associated with the vendors as they are added to the application

    • Purchase orders will list the respective currency being used by the vendor (upon vendor selection) along with its exhange rate with respect to base currency when the purchase order is being created

    Note: Default currency used by you - known as base currency - cannot be deleted.


    To access currency option,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Currency under the Purchase/ Contract Management block. The Currency page opens where you can add, edit and delete currencies


    Add Currency

    1. Click the Add New Currency link.

    2. Add New Currency pop-up box opens up. It has the following options:

      • Currency dropdown

      • Currency Symbol box

      • Exchange Rate

    3. Select the currency to be added using the Currency dropdown

    4. Specify the Currency Symbol in the currency symbol box

    5. Specify the exhange rate of the currency being added

    6. Click Save


    Edit Currency

    1. Click the Edit icon editicon beside the currency you wish to modify. Added currency will change to editable mode.

    2. Edit details as per your requirements

    3. Click Save button.


    Delete Currency

    1. Click the Delete icon deleteicon beside the currency to be deleted. A confirmation dialog appears.

    2. Click OK to proceed. The currency will be deleted from the list.



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