Custom Settings

    The custom settings wizard helps you to customize the report column size. This helps to increase or decrease the tabular column size, matrix column size and modify the date and time format of your custom reports.

    1. Click Reports tab. This opens the All Reports page.

    2. Click the Custom Settings button. The Report Settings dialog pops up.

    3. If you wish to customize the Tabular column size, specify the size of the small text, large text, number size and date and time text. And update the changes.

    4. If you wish to customize the Matrix column size, specify the size of the cell width and cell height and update the changes.

    5. To disable the links in reports enable the check box beside Disable links in report under General Settings block. To view one Group per page, enable the check box beside the same.

    6. For empty values, enter the value to be shown in the report, such as Not Assigned, Null and so on.

    7. For better stability and performance of the ServiceDesk Plus application we recommend you to use Stability Settings.

      Use the Stability settings to limit the row counts for,

      • Request module reports containing Description/Resolution Column.
      • Request module reports containing text additional fields.
      • Anyother tabular reports.

      You can also use Stability Settings to limit maximum number of simultaneous report users and configure report time out minutes.




                If the recommended values are exceeded, server might face stability issues
    8. Click the Update button to update the changes.

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