Flash Report


    Flash Reports help to get a quick and customizable overview of reports. Using Flash Reports we can generate a high level picture on the status of the requests based on the selected criteria. It tells us the number of requests that are present for a given condition.


    To configure and view flash reports,

    1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application with your user name and password.

    2. Click on Reports tab in the header pane

    3. Click on Flash Reports button in the reports home page. This opens the Flash Reports page.

    4. Select the filter parameters:

      • Select Created/Responded/Due-by/Completed time from the drop down box.

      • Select pre-defined time period from the drop down box by choosing During option or customize the time period by selecting the From and To dates from the calendar.

    1. Click on OK.

    2. The report is loaded in the same page.



    The report shows information pertaining to requests in the mentioned time period under conditions such as Total requests, Pending Requests, Completed Requests and SLA Violated Requests. Based on parameters such as SLA, Technicians, Priority, Category, Site, Level, Type, Urgency, Impact, Mode and Status, the reports can be further scrutinized. These parameters can be viewed by clicking on the   button.

    For example,

    If you need to know the number of requests that have violated the SLA, then click on "SLA" option. This shows number of violated/non-violated requests. For further information on the requests, click on the downward arrow and choose from one of the given parameters. Say, you need to know technicians handling the SLA violated requests, and then click on downward arrow and choose "Technician" from the drop down list. The technicians along with the number of requests handled by them are displayed in the next branch. Further if you want to know the priority of requests handled by a particular technician, then click on downward arrow next to the technician name and select "Priority". This displays the number of requests that have normal, high and low priorities.


    If you click on the number that is displayed along with the report, the list of requests will be displayed in a new window. By clicking on the title of the request, you can view the request details in the space below. The request details cannot be edited/modified in this screen.



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