Viewing Purchase Reports


    To view purchase reports

    1. Log in to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP using the user name and password of an admin user.

    2. Click the Reports tab in the header pane. The purchase reports are listed below the survey reports.

    3. Click any of the purchase reports.

    You can generate the purchase reports for the time duration you want.


    To choose the time period

    1. Click the report name to view the default report generated for the current month.

    2. Once you enter into the individual report view, on the right side you will see a Time Period block. By default, This Month is selected in the Choose a time period combo box.

    3. From the Choose a time period combo box, select your time period. The various options available are This Week, Last Week, This Month, This Quarter, Last Quarter, and Ever Opened.

    If you do not want the predefined periods, then you can choose your own custom period.

    1. In the Time Period block, click the calender iconCalenderbeside the From field under Custom Period.

    2. Choose a start date from which the report needs to be generated.

    3. Similarly, choose an end date for the report in the To field.

    4. Click Generate.

    The report is generated for the custom period that you have chosen.

    You can view the report either as a bar graph or as a pie chart. By default, the report is displayed as a bar graph as shown below:

    purchase-order-placed-reportTo view the report as a pie chart, click the gv_piecharticon icon. To view it as a bar chart, click the gv_barcharticon icon.



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