Add a Note


    When you would like to add some additional information including technical information to a particular request based on your observations, you can use Add Notes. You can also use notes to update the status of the request.

    To add notes to a request,

    1. Click Requests tab in the header pane.

    2. Click the Subject link of the request to add the note.

    3. In the Request Details page, click Actions drop-down menu and select Add Notes link. The Add Notes form pops up.

    4. Enter your content in the text field.


      There are two types of notes that can be added to the request namely, Public Notes and Private Notes.

      Public Notes: Public notes can be viewed by the requesters and technicians.

      Private Notes: Private notes can be viewed only by the technicians (all the technicians).

    5. If you want the notes to be visible to the requesters (public), then select the Show this notes to Requester also check box. Else only the technicians will be able to view the notes (private).
    6. If you want to notify the technician about the addition of the note, then select the check box, E-mail the technician for notes addition.
    7. To consider adding this note as first response, select the Consider notes addition as first response check box.
    8. When this option is enabled, the date/time when the notes is being added will be considered as the First Response Time for the request.
    9. First Response Time is indicated by the field Responded Date in the Request Form.
    10. Click the Add Note button. The note is added at the bottom of the request along with a date and time stamp. The name of the person who added the note is also displayed.
    11. You can add any number of notes to a request. The added notes will be displayed in the descending order with recently added note first. You can also edit or delete the notes that have been added.

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