Adding a Resolution


    You can add resolutions for the issues reported in the requests.


    To add a new resolution,

    1. Log in to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Requests tab in the header pane. This opens the request list view page.

    3. Click the request Title for which you want to add the resolution.

    4. Check if a resolution already exists for the request by clicking the Resolution tab in the Request details page.

    5. If no resolution is available for the request, then the plain html text page is displayed. Specify the resolution in the text field.

    6. On specifying the resolution the status can be changed by selecting the status from the combo box.   

    7. You can also add Time Spent Entry details for the request in this page.

    8. Save the resolution. You can see the resolution is displayed in this page.

    9. If you wish to add the specified resolution to the solutions database, then click Save and Add to Solutions, or else click Save.

    10. On selecting Save and Add to Solutions, you get a New Solution form. The title of the solution is automatically filled with the title of the request. The Contents is filled with the resolution. If you wish you can edit the contents.

    11. Select the Account(s) for which the solution should be available.

    12. From the Topic drop-down list which contains all the available topics, select the relevant parent topic for the solution.

    13. Enter relevant keywords for the solution in the Keywords text box. Separate each keyword by a comma. This option is provided for the users to improve the search capability and get appropriate solution for the problem.

    14. If needed you can also attach files to the solution.

    15. Click Add. This also adds the resolution to the list of solutions.

    These added resolutions can be used for various purposes. One of them is to add these resolutions as knowledge base articles which can be used for future reference to solve the same issue if reported. The resolution of the request also helps other technicians to know the kind of solution provided to the reported issue. This serves as a documented proof of the way a reported issues was resolved.



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