Add a Work Log


    Using this option, the time spent by a technician on a request can be recorded. The total time spent excludes the time that the request was kept on hold. It takes the time of creation to till the request is closed.


    To add Work Log,

    1. Click Requests tab in the header pane. From the request list view page, select the request for which the time spent details should be entered.

    2. From the request details page, click Actions drop down menu and select Add Work Log link.

    3. In the Add Work Log pop up, select the Technician resolving this request from the drop down.

    4. Enter the Time (in Hours and Minutes) taken to resolve the request.

    5. The Technician Cost per hour will be fetched automatically from the technician details, which is a non-editable field. If you have already entered the per hour cost of the technician while adding the technician details, then the details will be fetched automatically. If you wish to change these values, you can do so manually.

    6. The Incident Cost will be automatically calculated taking the (total time spent to resolve the request * Technician's cost per hour).

    7. Specify the Executed Time (date & time) taken to resolve the problem from the calendar button.

    8. Specify any relevant information about the time spent in the Description field.

    9. Click Save button. The work log is listed in the Work Log tab.




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