Advanced Search of Requests (Filters)

    The Advanced Search option allows you to search requests, based on multiple filter Criteria (is, is not, etc.,) and by using the combination of logical operators (AND / OR) on the same fields and different fields (columns), as well. This is unlike the basic request search or the advanced filtering in custom view, which permit you to search using either AND or OR, and not the combination of both.

    The below topics are discussed in this section:

    1. Key Points

    2. Accessing the Advanced Search UI

    3. Searching for Requests

    4. Example Scenario
    5. The Filtered List view

    Key Points

    1. The advanced search is applicable for all editions.

    2. The advanced search view is scoped to view only by Technicians and not Requesters.

    3. This can be performed on all Requests (Incidents / ServiceRequests) in a Request List View, to which the logged in user has access.

    Steps to Access the Advanced Search UI

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus application using appropriate Username and Password.

    2. Click the Requests tab in the header pane. This opens the Request List View page.

    3. Click the adv-search-icon icon besides the Settings dropdown.


    1. The Advanced Search UI is shown.

    1. The UI has the structure shown in below image, before adding any criteria:

      • Search, Search and Hide Filters and Reset Filter: These buttons are disabled.

      • Cancel: This button is enabled. Click it to close the Advanced Search Filter View and go to the Request list view.


    2. The UI has the structure shown in below image, after adding criteria:

      • Search: This button allows you to search for requests, based on the selected criteria. The Filtered Request List view will be displayed at the bottom. This filter will be applied on "All Requests" view, for which the logged in user has access.

      • Search and Hide Filters: This button allows you to first search for requests, based on the selected criteria and then hide the filters.

      • Reset Filter: This button allows you to reset the criteria values. It removes all rows except the first one. The Column, Criteria, Values / Column Data and the AND / OR of the first row will be emptied.



    Searching for Requests using Advanced Search


    1. This search is not case sensitive.
    2. The logical operators AND / OR will be applied in the order they are created.
    3. You can add/remove the filter columns using "+" and "-" icons.
    4. You can search for a maximum of 15 criteria, exceeding which shows up with an alert message.
    1. Choose a Column, say 'Request ID' from the drop down.

    1. Choose a Criteria, say 'is', from the dropdown.

    1. Choose the required Column Data for the selected column:

        1.  The Column Data can be single/multi line, e.g., Request ID.


        2.  The Column Data can be a drop list, e.g., Category.


    If the Column Data is a drop list, all the selected values are shown, only if you mouse-over the field.


    1. Choose AND / OR from the dropdown.

    2. Add the required number of search criteria by repeating the above steps.

    3. Click Search. Now, all the requests relevant to the search criteria are listed below the Search button.

    4. Click Search and Hide Filters to hide the Filters view once the filtering is done.

    5. Click Reset Filter to reset the criteria values for a new search.


    Example Scenario:

    Let us consider creating a search criteria by using 4 different filters:

    [ Filter 1: Column=Request ID; Criteria=is; Column Data=2112 ]


    [ Filter 2: Operator=OR; Column=Category; Criteria=contains; Column Data=Email, Interner, Software, User Account ]


    [ Filter 3: Operator=AND; Column=Created Time; Criteria=less than; Column Data=5 Nov 2014, 14:40:00 ]


    [ Filter 4: Operator=AND; Column=Time Elapsed; Criteria=greater or equal; Column Data=2hrs 15mins ]


    With all the above 4 filters, the wizard will look like:




    As you click Search, all the requests relevant to the search criteria are displayed as shown below:




    The Filtered List view

    The Filtered List view is similar to the Request List View. This view lists all the filtered criteria created by you.


    Functionalities of Filtered List View:

    • You can Sort, Spot search and also Personalize the view. Be noted that these changes will also affect the personalized views of the Requests module.

    • When you navigate to the next page in the Filtered list view, or move to some other tab / page, this view will be maintained as such until the cache is cleared.

    • Any operation performed in this filtered list view will be synced with the main Request list view.


    Possible Actions from Filtered List View:

    1. Show / Hide Filters:
      Click Show Filters, if you wish to add more filter criteria to the list. Click Hide Filters to collapse the Filters View.

    2. Edit:
      Click the Subject link or Edit icon to modify the request.

    3. Actions Menu:
      Select the required requests and use this menu to perform the following bulk operations: Edit Requests, Delete, Pick up, Close, Merge and Link Requests.

    4. Select Technician Dropdown:
      Select the required requests, choose a Technician from the dropdown and then click Assign. Now, the Technician chosen will be assigned to the selected requests.

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