Convert Service Request to Incident Request



    Let us consider a case where a user's Iphone has a few glitches and needs repair. Instead of creating an Incident Request to repair his phone, he accidentaly clicks on Request for an Iphone as he just witnesses the word 'Iphone'. In such cases where the user accidently raises a Service Request instead of an Incident Request, the action Convert Service to Incident becomes handy. 

    Steps to convert a Service Request to Incident Request:

    1.Click on the Actions tab in the Request details page. From the listed options, click on Convert Service to Incident.



    2.From the pop-up displayed, choose the Service Category and Incident Template to which the Request belongs. 

    • Overwrite field values with Template values: On enabling this checkbox, the field values present in the created Service Request will get replaced with the field values available in the Incident Template that is choosen. Note that the Site, Group and Technician details will remain unaffected regardless of enabling this checkbox.
    • Create Tasks present in the Template: On enabling this checkbox, the tasks which are already present in the Incident Template will get created while converting this Service Request.   

    3.After enabling the required checkboxes, click Convert. The accidentally created Service Request will be converted to an Incident now.

    The following factors will influence the conversion of Service Request to an Incident:

    • Any Resource info / Approval info available in the Service Request will be removed while converting it into an Incident.
    • If the Request is associated with any Purchase Order or a Purchase Request, only Technicians with Modify PO / PR permission will be able to view this option. Also Service Request's association with the PO/PR will be removed while converting.
    • If the PR is closed / PO is cancelled, then the option to detach the Service Request from the respective PR/PO will not be available in the Purchase module.


    Following are few points to be noted while converting a Service Request to an Incident Request:

    • The conversion option will be available only for Requests with Pending status (By default, Open and onhold/ custom pending status) and Technicians with create and edit permission.
    • This option will not be available, if the Service Request has been Approved by the approver. It will be available for Service Requests with pending approval or those Requests that have been rejected by the approver.

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