Convert Incident Request to Service Request


    To convert an incident request to service request, do the following:

      1. Select the incident request from the request list view by clicking on the subject of request

      2. Under Actions dropdown, select Convert Incident to Service option

      3. Convert Incident to Service popup will open up as shown below:

    1. Select the Service Category and Choose the Service Template

    2. Check Overwrite the incident field values with the template values checkbox in case you want to overwrite the existing request's values

    3. Check Create the tasks present in the Service Template checkbox if you want to apply task hierarchy already defined as per the selected template of the service request

    4. Specify suitable comments

    5. Click Convert button




    • Remember the problems associated with the request (if any) will get dissociated when the request is converted

    • Approvals associated with the request being converted too will get dissociated



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