Duplicate a Request


    When a single request has multiple issues in it that requires more than a single technician to handle them, then the request can be duplicated and each of the duplicated requests can have only one issue. This makes it easier for the technician to take ownership and complete the task independently.


    To make multiple copies of a request,

    1. Click the Requests tab in the header pane. This opens the request list view page.

    2. Click the Subject link of the request that you want to duplicate in the view list page. This opens the Request details page.

    3. Click Duplicate Request option under Actions combo box.  A Duplicate Request pop-up window opens, requesting you to give the number of copies.


    4. Enter the number of copies in the text field provided beside the Number of Copies label. The maximum value you can enter is 9. If you need more than 9 copies of the request, then you need to invoke Copy Request again.

    5. Click Copy to make the copies of the request. The new copies of the request will be assigned new request ID that will uniquely identify them. The rest of the information such as the request details and description remains as it is.

    Once you have created the copies of the request, you can edit the same to contain only the necessary information and assign appropriate technicians. You can modify the request copies by editing the copy of the request.

    NOTE: While copying the request, the Notes, Tasks, Reminders, Resolution and Approval status of the original request (if any) will not be present in the duplicated requests. Also, the Created Date and Due by Date will be different from that of the original request.

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