Editing a Request


    To edit a single request available in the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP Request module

    • Click the Requests tab in the header pane. This opens the Requests list.

    • Click the Title of the request which you want to edit from the view list page. This opens the View Request page. Click the Edit tab on the top of the page to modify the request details. (OR)

      From the request list view page, click the edit icon editiconbeside the request to be edited. This opens the Edit Request form where you can add resolution while editing, change the status of the request from open to close, and so on.

    • Alternatively, you also have an inline edit option to modify the request details in the view request page. Click the edit button beside each block which opens the request form fields in editable format. This comes in handy when you need to edit the values of the entire block say Request Details one by one.



    While editing the request details block, the SLA, department and the template is in non editable mode. The SLA of the corresponding site selected on editing the request gets applied. The department of the corresponding technician selected on editing the request gets displayed.



    • On modifying the values, click Update Request to save the changes. If you do not want to save the changes, click Cancel.



     You can switch from one service template to another and from one incident template to another by editing a request.                                                                      

    Editing more than one Requests


    You have an option to edit more than one requests simultaneously. For instance, you want to assign a group say, Printer to ten requests relating to Printer Problem or you want to assign a Category to bulk requests. Instead of editing the requests individually you can perform a bulk edit to edit the requests instantly.     

    • Select the check box beside the requests to be edited from the request list view page.

    • Click Edit Request button. The Edit Requests page opens. The title displays the requests number that are grouped together to edit. 

    • Edit the fields, say Category into Desktop. This will replace the categories of all the requests grouped together.

    • Specify the Reason for Updating the request in the given text field.

    • Click Update button to save the changes. 


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