Editing Requests (For Requesters)


    This feature allows the requesters to edit a request raised by them before it is approved, resolved, or closed. With this feature, requesters can now correct any wrong information, or fill any missed out fields in their request. The edit option is available for both incident and service requests. All the fields in the requests can be edited, including attachments."Requested by" users and "On-Behalf-Of-User" can edit the request.  

    Enabling Edit Permission For Requesters

    To allow the requesters to edit the service/incident requests,

    • Go to the Self-Service Portal Settings.
    • Tick the check boxes for Incident and Service requests in the "Allow Requesters to edit" option.

    • If the boxes are not ticked, edit option will not be available for the requesters.
    • You can also choose to enable edit permission for only Service or Incident requests by ticking the particular check box.  

    Editing the Requests

    Once the request edit access is enabled by the admin, requesters will be able to edit their requests.

    To edit requests,

    • Go to the Requests tab.
    • Click on a request and click Edit in the request details page.

    • Update the request information, add reason for the update, and click 'Update request'.

    • The update details of the request can be found in the history tab of the request details page.




    For requests with approvers, edit option will be available till one of the approvers approve.

    Business Rules, Technician Auto Assign functionalities will be applied according to the edited request information.

    SLA First Response and Resolution Time calculation will be based on the created time and not the edited time.

    For requests that are approved, resolved, or closed, the edit option will be disabled.

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