Request Trash


    Technicians usually delete requests when they are closed. But under certain circumstances closed requests might be needed for future reference. Therefore to prevent accidental deletion of closed requests which might be needed for future affairs, technicians are provided with the Request Trash option (available in the Request Filter dropdown below the Request Filters) which stores all the deleted requests for a period of 24 hours from the time of deletion - after which it will be deleted permanently from ServiceDesk Plus MSP application.


    Recovering deleted request(s) from Trash

    To recover deleted request(s), do the following,

      1. Click Request Filter dropdown

      2. Select Trash option (available below request filters)

      3. Request Trash will open up as shown below:


    1. Select the request you want to recover

    2. Click Restore button

    Note: To restore all the deleted requests, click the select box (available beside request id column), and click Restore button.




    • Request Trash holds the deleted requests only for 24 hrs after which it will be deleted permanently




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