Schedule Request Status Change


    At times technicians might have to stall a request (that is, change it to onhold status, in progress status etc.,) for various reasons like company policy, technician seeking requester’s approval and so on. Such stalled requests often face the risk of being forgotten owing to the technician’s busy schedule.

    To ensure these requests are not forgotten, ServiceDesk Plus MSP allows its technicians to schedule these requests such that their status changes automatically (preferably from timer stopped status like 'onhold' to 'a timer running status like open') based on the time & date specified by the technicians, thus reminding them the request is yet to be closed and action needs to be taken.


    To schedule status change of a request, do the following:

    • Select request from Request List View

    • Click Request Details Edit Button

    • Request Details will change to editable mode

    • Change Request Status to Onhold

    • This action will pop up the request status scheduler dialog box

    • Specify Reason for scheduling status change for the request (as shown in the image)

    • Check Schedule status change to checkbox to specify status the request would move to next when schedule is over

    • Specify Date & Time (using Calendar Icon) when the scheduled status change would take place.

    • Click Update button

    • Request Schedule Iconwill appear besides Request Status (in the request details page as well as the request view) indicating the schedule has been configured

    • Save the request




    • By default, Request Status Scheduler applies only to Onhold Status, but can be configured for any In Progress status; more on this in the Configuring Request Status page)

    • An already configured Request Status Schedule can be edited using the Edit Link (appearing when Request Schedule Icon  is clicked from the request details page).

    • When Request Status is scheduled, the Request Timer will be stopped, indicating that the SLA does not apply for the scheduled time period.

    • Request Timer will start again when the schedule gets completed

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