Solution Suggest - Under Request Resolution

    Purpose and Introduction

    This feature auto suggests solutions for a request. With this, the technicians will be shown the related solutions for a request based on the keywords found in the fields of a request such as Subject, Category, Sub Category and Item. Technicians can try different solutions from the suggested list and if it resolves the issue, they can copy it to the resolution. If it doesn't, they can give their inference on the solution suggested. Technicians can even search from the entire solutions list from then and there itself using the solutions search option.


    Accessing and Using the feature

    To access this feature,

    • Go to the Requests module.
    • Click on a request.
    • In the request details page, next to the resolution tab  there will be a bulb icon  indicating the availability of suggested solutions for the request. Click on the resolution tab to view the suggested solutions.

    The solutions available for the request will be listed.




    •  Only top 5 Solutions will be listed. Click on View More to view all the suggested solutions.                                                                                               
    • Solution suggestion(s)  will not be listed for resolved or closed requests.
    • Solutions will not be visible for technicians without solutions view permission.
    • Solution suggestions will not be available for the requesters.
    • Only approved solutions will be listed.

     To view the suggested solution, click on it.

    • You can try a solution and if the solution solves the issue, you can copy it to the resolution.
    • To copy the solution to the resolution, Click on Yes, Copy to resolution. The solution will be copied to the resolution text editor.
    • Click on Save to save the solution as a resolution to the request.

    If the solution doesn't solve the issue, you can add your observation about the solution by adding comments.

    • By adding comments, it helps to keep a track of the solutions you have tried and also lets someone else handling the request know that the solution was tried.
    • The tried solutions will be moved to the Tried Solutions tab. The applied solutions (Solution that was copied to resolution) will also be under the same tab.
    • To add comments, click on No, Add comments.

    • Enter your comments about the solution and click Add.
    • The comments added can be updated/deleted.
    • To modify the comments, go to applied solutions under the resolution tab. Click on edit comments icon. Edit the inference and click on Update.
    • Click on the delete icon to delete the applied/tried solution.
    • You can also manually search different solutions by using the search option
    • Enter the keywords in the search box and use the filters provided such as Title, description to search in the particular fields.

    • You can also search solutions from the Topics filter.
    • Click on a topic to list all solutions under that topic.

    You can also check the requests solved using the suggested solutions in the Solutions module.

    To check that,

    • Click on the Solutions module.
    • Select a Solution. Click on Requests.
    • The requests that were tried/appplied with the solution will be listed.


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