Assigning/Marking Tasks to Technicians


    While selecting Group/Owner for the task, you have the option of either marking (or) assigning the task to the technician.

    • Marking Task(s) is a way of associating tasks to technicians that helps administrator plan tasks in a better way

    • Marking Task(s) is an administrator activity that the technician never gets to know until the task is assigned to him/her

    • Marking Task(s) helps administrators to allocate 'marked tasks' to technicians 'only when it is time' for the task to be executed and not unnecessarily in advance

    • Marking Task(s) is especially useful for dependent tasks that heavily depend upon the completion of parent task. Under such circumstance, the child task can be marked with a technician, and can be later assigned to him/her based on the real-time completion of the parent task

    • Marked tasks do not appear in the respective technician�s My Tasks list (but only serve as a reference for the administrator) until the task is triggered.

    • Whereas Assigning Tasks to technicians will directly intimate the concerned technician about the task assigned (through notification) and will be listed on his/her My Tasks list.


    Marking a Task

    To mark a task to technician/group, do the following:

      1. Select Mark button besides Owner dropdown

      2. * asterisk icon will appear besides Group/Owner fields indicating task form is in marking Group/Technician mode.

      3. Choose Group & Technician to be marked with the task

      4. Save the task


    Assigning a Task

    To assign task to a technician/group, do the following:

      1. Select Assign button besides Owner dropdown

      2. Choose Group & Technician to be assigned with the task

      3. Save the task

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