Task Comments

    Task comments enables you to update any changes in the Tasks/Projects/Requests/Problems/Changes/Milestones by entering comments in the Tasks modules. The task comments are available for the tasks under Request, Problems, Changes, Projects and Milestones modules.

    Accessing Task comments.

    Task comments are accessible for the tasks under Request, Problems, Changes, Projects and Milestones modules.

    • Click on the Tasks menu under the particular module to open the task list.


    • Click on a particular task.

    • Click on the Comments menu in the header.

    • Enter the comments related to the task and click on Save.

    Task comment optional notification.

    Task comment optional notification enables you to notify the project owner, problem owner, task owner, request owner, change owner and milestone owner about the comments in the tasks.

    Enabling Task Comment Optional Notification

    • To enable Task comment optional notification, enable "Notify this comment to" check box in task comments window.


    • Add people you want to notify about the comments i.e task owner, request owner, change owner, project owner, milestone owner by either typing their names or email ids.
    • People associated with the tasks will be listed in the search box by default.
    • When you type in their name or email id the auto suggest will fetch you the relevant names.
    • Click on Save.

    • You can also search for the application users who are not associated with that particular task by typing in their names. They must have an email id associated to them.



    • For tasks under milestone, if the Project owner and Milestone owner are the same, then only $MilestoneOwner will be pre-selected.
    • If the user you're searching is the entity owner, which is already selected as $variable, then the user will not be filtered in the search.
    • Any Technician/Requester in the application can be notified about the comment.
    • Entity owner will be pre-selected as default options, only if the entity is assigned with owner.

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