Task List View Page (of Associated Tasks)


    Tasks Tab (or) Task List View Page of task(s) associated with request, problem, change, project and milestone will appear as shown below:



    In the image above, Install Software is the child task dependent on parent task Provide Deskto/Laptop, and is indicated using the arrow symbol; whereas the asterisk * icon (available besides Owner/Group) indicates task has been marked to be assigned to technician Shawn Adams of Software-Related group.


    From Task List View Page, you can do the following

    • Organize/Close/Delete Tasks using Actions dropdown

    • Establish dependencies (relationship) between tasks

    • Add Tasks using Add New button

    • Add Tasks from existing Task Template(s) by clicking Templates button

    • Trigger tasks manually using Trigger button

    • Add Worklog Details



    • Task List View pages of associated tasks and general tasks slightly differ from each other. Task List View page of general tasks does not have Actions dropdown menu, Templates and Dependencies button.

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