Adding First Response Time using Worklog


    Technicians have the option of adding first response time for a request while adding worklogs. Normally first response time (indicated by field Responded Date in the request form) corrosponds to the time when technician replies to the request through mail. Technicians can also choose to record the same when adding worklogs to the request as well.


    Adding First Response Time using Worklog:

    1. Fill in the worklog details like you do normally and

    2. Check Consider worklog addition as first response option (available at the bottom)

    3. Save the Worklog



    • First Response Time is an entry which once made - through request reply or while adding worklog - cannot be edited in the request form.






    • This checkbox will be available in Worklogs until the technician responds to the request

    • This option will not be available in case the technician has already responded to the request

    • When this option is enabled, the date/time when the worklog is being added will be considered as the First Response Time for the request

    • First Response Time is indicated by the field Responded Date in the Request Form

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