Time Sheets

    Time Sheets provide a consolidated view of the help desk technicians' work. Using Time Sheets, you can easily calculate payroll, manage resources, perform other managerial activities.


    Role Required: Technician


    Adding a Time Sheet   

    • Go to Time Sheets >> My Time Sheets.

    • Click New Time Sheet and enter the From date. The To date is automatically set based on the admin configurations and is non-editable.

    • Click Add to save the time sheet as a draft. Technicians' work logs added and modified for the time interval will be reflected in the time sheet.

    • After completing all modifications, click Submit for Approval


    Recalling a Time Sheet   

    You can retrieve a submitted time sheet anytime before approval using the Recall option. 

    • Open the time sheet submitted for approval. 

    • In the time sheet details page, click Recall Time Sheet

    • Click Resubmit after modifying the time sheet. 


    Time Sheet List View   

    All time sheets, including submitted, draft, approved, and rejected time sheets, will be listed under My Time Sheets.

    Click a time sheet to view its details.

    The time sheet details page contains the list of requests, problems, changes, and tasks owned by the technician. Work logs added to each ticket will be displayed as time cards.

    The color of the progress bar indicates the completion of the time log for the day/week as given below:

    • Less than 50% - red

    • More than 50% - light green

    • Reached 100% - dark green

    Use the arrows displayed in the time sheet details page to navigate between time sheets.


    Time Sheet Notifications   

    By default, when a technician submits a time sheet, the application triggers a notification to the technician's reporting manager.


    Configure email notifications for the technician or approver under notification rules.

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