ServiceDesk Plus

    Approve/Reject your Change


    When change is in its final stage [Closing], requesters will be asked to assess the worked out change and approve/reject it based on the effects the implemented change is having on their organization. Requesters can register their opinion using the Closure Codes option of ServiceDesk Plus MSP's Change Management.

    Closure Codes of ServiceDesk Plus MSP's Change Management help technicians of the change management team record how a change is being closed: that is, whether it is being closed after successful completion (or) rejection (or) cancellation by the requester.


    To add closure codes to a change,

    1. Access the non-login url you receive via mail

    2. Click Add link (below Closure Code section)

    3. Select Closure Code from dropdown (Closed-Completed, Closed-Rejected, Closed-Approved etc.,)

    4. Specify in few lines the reason for choosing the closure code under Comments section

    5. Click Save button

    6. Your comment will be recorded and the change will be closed as per your instructions (that is, as per the selected closure code)



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