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    Recommending your Change


    Change recommendations are done by an exclusive Change Advisory Board (CAB) comprising of technical experts, business analysts and stakeholders who are banking on the proposed change. As a change requester, you may or may not be a part of this group. But in case you have been included, you will have rights to offer your opinion about the change based on the data gathered - measure of impact, roll out plan, backout plan etc. - in the planning phase.


    To recommend a change

    1. Click non-login url sent to you via mail

    2. Click Recommend button after analyzing the planning stage

    3. Specify why you are recommending the change

    4. Save your recommendation





    1. Remember that an individual recommendation/rejection is not an unanimous decision. Your recommendation does not necessarily mean the change will be implemented. It is rather just a suggestion motivating the change management to proceed in the right direction.

    2. Change management team decides whether requesters can be a part of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) or not.


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