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    Change management team keeps requesters informed about their requested change through notifications - sent when change progresses from one stage to another - that contain non-login urls allowing them to view the current stage/status of the change.

    Requesters are also provided with access to the following information: Change Workflow, Status History and Approval Summary


    Viewing Change Workflow

    Change Workflow displays the workflow being followed for implementing your change. Viewing this will help you understand the various processes (called status) involved in each change stage and what will happen when these processes get initiated. Generally, when a process (status) is intiated, a group of technicians from the change mangement team will be notified about it. These technicians will be of two types: one who will supervise the process and others who will work out the process.

    So, to track every step involved in the requested change, you have to view the Change Workflow.

    To view Change Workflow: click View dropdown --> and select Workflow option


    Viewing Status History

    Viewing Status History of the change will give you an idea about the various status the requested change has gone through to reach the current state it is in. While workflow presents change progress emphasizing the various stages involved, Status History displays the change progress in terms of status that are part of the change.

    To view status history of the requested change: Click View dropdown --> and select Status History option


    Viewing Approval Summary

    Every change stage will be officially approved by some higher authority (like change manager, change approver etc.,) before it proceeds to the next stage. To view who approved which stage, click View dropdown --> and select Approval Summary option


    View Change Progress



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