ServiceDesk Plus



    Requesters can track their requested changes using non-login urls which they receive via notification mails sent to them as the change is being worked out.


    Changes have six stages which in turn contain several status. Requesters will be informed of every action - be it change of stage/status - that is connected with the progress of the requested change.


    The six stage of ServiceDesk Plus Change Management are: Submission, Planning, Approval, Implementation, Review and Closing.


    Some of the common status used in ServiceDesk Plus Change Mangement are: Accepted, Rejected, Approved, Requested for Information and Submit for Authorization.


    Visit the following links to know more about how a requested change will progress and your permissions as change requester within ServiceDesk Plus Change Management.


    1. View Change Request details

    2. Add Notes

    3. Notify Technicians

    4. Viewing Other Change Related Details

    5. Viewing Change Approvals

    6. Recommending a Change

    7. View Change History

    8. Print the Change

    9. Approve/Reject a Change

    10. FAQs


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